Once in a while some of my childhood dreams come to mind. Traveling has always been one of them. But I never went into details. I never thought about how I would make such travels or how much it would cost. I only saw myself visiting the beautiful places I saw on TV.

During my childhood and adolescence, due to the financial conditions of my family, I had very few the travel experiences, and almost all of them were limited to visits to distant relatives and many, many city changes (eight of them until my elevens – if I did not forget any).

But it was only until I had my first paid vacation (17 or 18 years, I’m not sure) to see myself packing and surrendering to the effects of the “travel bug”, and travel as much as my very small minimum wage at that time allowed me.

And obviously, since then, it has always been like this, because as everyone who become a victim of this bloody bug, once you are stung, the medicine to this incurable disease is only one: travel! : P

However, in some chronic cases, sometimes it is necessary more than traveling, it is necessary to speak, share, show and see everyone traveling; because hearing someone say they do not like to travel is acceptable, a matter of taste (although incomprehensible).

But to hear someone saying that they don’t travel because they can’t is indignant (ok, that’s common, but I’d give it to be indignant! hehehe)

And this is one of the reasons this blog was created. To show that yes, it’s possible to travel and that for any excuse you think, there is probably someone who has already shown that it is not a problem.

But more than that, my intention here is to go further, because as you will see, I will not only talk about travel. My main intention is to inspire you and help you to see that there is always a solution for everything.

Because everything is a matter of mindset, change of perspective, and make your dream travels or any other dream come true depends only on you!

For this, I will share here not only travel tips and pics, but my travel experiences as self-knowledge… And also a lot of talk about yoga, meditation, stories of beautiful people that I often find out there (because there are soooo many in this world), and other little things, because geminiana that I am, I would never be content to focus on one single thing (I already accepted! hahaha).

So be welcome and enjoy (without moderation) all you find here … Because it’s all done very, very love!


Priscilla Benites.